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Level 1 audio
The main teachings from this show were about the fundamentals of what shetaut neter and how it helps integrate all possible ailments to the personality into becoming a more whole and purified version of the self, which is a part of nebedjer. The point of utilizing all aspects of the shedy disciplines and how they are effective in reaching true enlightenment. Helping the initiate know that it will not be a one-time dose of what the ancient mysteries have to offer, but a complete lifestyle change and effort to realize what it means to be divine on earth. The importance of acknowledging where one truly is on their path and what work is needed to refine, cleanse and align to the frequency of the great neter.
-in my life, I have been going over the lessons that I recently learned instead of rushing to accomplish other things. I know it’s not going to happen overnight, although my epiphanies might. First, they come to mind like lightning, showing a way to improve who I am as a person, and from that point I can either act in the way of the ego and rush the lesson or my actual understanding where I have to slow down and rethink things or remain in my formation of the epiphany, allowing it to seep in my mind, into my ways.
I would like to relearn what I previously know far as the things of mysticism and how to properly apply them to my life without seeming like a pretentious new ager, although eager to learn, just not guided correctly.