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Lesson 12

Important theme: Purifying the ego where there is a sublimation of the thoughts and pursuits – where the ego’s drive is not in conflict with the higher self but a vehicle of action. Pure thought is no thought – be thoughtless.

-being free from attaching to what comes to the mind. I read how the brain is made to keep people safe and it is of matter. Being designed to function on this dimension at the base level of survival can cause an unbalance of the self. Or things from the subconscious being cleared.

Important theme: When the mind is in a state of agitation, it’s important to control your thoughts. And using shedy disciplines.

-this was a great mention because it gave a way to keep the self from acting in a way that is not in alignment with the higher self. And to also bring the shedy practices with you, even when not in front of the altar.

Important theme: becoming enlightened makes the world a better place.

-from a micro and macro point of view; creating ripples can lead to big waves and i can see that happening with energy. Influencing the environment and setting a standard for how one will navigate in the world and how they expect others to behave with them eliminates a lot that could damaging to higher self connection. Being enlightened not only helps the self but it can help others. People will notice a shift in the person and become intrigue, some will start the journey to cultivate like qualities in themselves.