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Lesson 11

Important theme:The tradition that one is drawn to is based on the aru or personality.

– From the cultures to the ancient teachings. Are based on past life expierences. I liked this statement because it reminded me how accepted the possibility of being reincarnated as another species, but getting reincarnated on another country and heritage even. it’s about focusing on the soul’s lesson while on earth and how it can be vary.

Importnat theme: That love and hate is also a cycle of the material world.

– This was also said in a previous lecture that really stuck with me and I decided to write a reflection. Pain-pleasure, love-hate, happy-sad. Those things are still from the material world. They are generally fleeting in only cultivated from the sense-based reality. In the spiritual community positive emotions are often associated with the divine. But those emotions are reactions to an outside circumstance. Love can make the heart heavy -attachtment; which can cause unbalance. If you love something, let it go.

Important theme: people are imprisioned by their negative aru.

– It has been said even in the science community how the subconcious dictates one’s action. And the heaviness of the negative aru acts out, attracts and recreates scenarios in the physical.

Important theme: We have the ability to transcend material world. With the use of yogic technology.

– When done with proper application in all areas of life, the surroundings will change. I see this stepping more into stable magical workings. This is a for sure process of actually manifesting into reality and becoming the conductor of energy. Knowing that one’s intention is align with the highest truth and way of being -living righteously to counter any negative aru. I think that’s a solid way to live.