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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 30, Audio Assignment.

1. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are living in contradiction with nature and life. Human beings do not need meat in order to survive. We have been trained to eat meat and those that would profit from such have promulgated the big scare about not getting enough protein. Many foods are tied to cultural customs and are hard to give up.
2. Initially one should stop eating meat. However, after a lifetime of eating meat and cooked foods, the body may not be able to absorb the needed nutrients from raw and organic foods. Juicing allows one to get more nutrients out of vegetables and fruits. One needs a time of transition. It takes approximately 2-3 years to transition to a proper Kemetic diet.
3. The diet of initiates is what is being discussed here. There are five main principles to consider:
a. there is only one source of disease
b. all problems stem from ukedu
c. there are three types of food (physical, mental, and spiritual)
d. fasting should be practiced naturally
e. all foods should be green
4. Part of the transition to becoming green involves continually identifying with your higher nature. The spirit will empower you to change. An important symbol of Asar is that he is green. The greening process is for the Ka as well as the physical body. Foods for the Ka are mental foods that lead to spiritual enlightenment. Thought should be viewed as a conduit that can be constricted by improper foods. One should learn to listen to the teachings and understand how to grow as a human being.
5. The term spirit alludes to the ALL-ENCOMPASSING DIVINITY, while the soul is a part of spirit. The food for the soul should also be green. Green is the color of expansion. The soul needs infinite expansion. A frustrated soul will seek what is true. If it is constricted, you suffer spiritually, mentally, and physically. Soul fasting involves having a transcendental experience or fulfillment. This is facilitated through mediation.
6. Action has to do with the mind and body. One should act righteously to allow the unfolding of the gifts of the soul. This involves turning to that which is green (the Divine). All aspects of the personality must have certain foods and do certain types of fasts. For example, dispassion, detachment, concentration on the teaching, and silence can be practiced and used as mental fasts.
7. One should be submitted to a higher authority via a teacher. I count Sebai Maa and Seba Dja as my spiritual preceptor(s) with all that I understand the concept to embody. I am practicing integral shedy and look forward to growth in each area of my personality and the respective disciplines. Given that the diet transition takes approximately 2-3 years to complete, I plan to continue the transition.