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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 29 Video Assignment
HTP di si neter iri mettu wadj is a hekau where an offering is made to propitiate that God makes the vascular system flourish.
1. Diet is a prescribed set of foods to promote a certain health effect. Food is the source of health or illness. All three bodies (physical, astral, and causal) should have a proper diet to allow one to perfect spiritual practice and evolve. Three important symbols are on the cover of the book “Kemetic Diet”:
a. Ankh, which represents the life process where spirit and matter come together.
b. The papyrus, which has the words feed the Ka that which endures. You are feeding yourself energy, the residue of which is lodged in the unconscious mind. A dull KA is associated with the physical body.
c. The eye of Heru, which is one’s soul and conscious.
2. The life force that courses throughout the physical body of a human being, comes into the astral body and courses up and down the subtle spine. An unobstructed flow causes a blazing fire that burns the personality and leaves the ashes of the physical personality i.e., the egoistic mind is burned up leaving one with Divine consciousness. Senab means health or well-being and includes the symbol for the BA.
3. There are gross conduits and there are subtle conduits. We have a symbiotic relationship with microorganisms that maintain a healthy balance for good health throughout the mettu system. The body has the wisdom embedded in our genetic code. All we need to do is put in the right raw material. One has to seek and obtain a proper balance between acid and alkaline.
4. The Kemetic diet is primarily for initiates. This is a discipline for those who want to promote true health and realize enlightenment. In preserving our glorious legacy, initiates must learn to be ruthless with righteousness and living by the truth. We have to be a model for society. There is a lot to overcome. One should start now to follow the teaching in its entirety to receive the full benefit. One promotes wholeness by controlling the balance between attachment and hatred. Having good association is important to ensure the consumption of proper mental food.
5. Greenery is the divine instrument used to trap lifeforce energies. It keeps the mind and body in balance. We live by energy. We live on light. We live on the lifeforce that is in the righteous teaching. Greenery is Asar: vegetables, lettuce, grasses, trees, and their fruits. Mettu in the astral body can be clogged via negative thinking and the associated emotions.
6. Food for the soul is eating your true essential nature. The gods and goddesses have been expressed or disintegrated. One should take them back in (internalize them) in order to become whole again.
7. Breathing from the diaphragm (as opposed to shallow breathing) allows energy from the air to travel better to the various energy centers in the astral body. Reflecting on yourself is a form of mental food. Your body is dependent on your mind.

8. People need three things in life:
a. shelter
b. food
c. opportunity to thrive
The lack of these things creates stress and people will look for relief. Addictions result from seeking temporary relief from stress. If you have filled your unconscious mind with impressions of stress, the only relief is in spiritual enlightenment.
There are three main downfalls that a person can have:
a. Food – higher consciousness is repelled and one becomes mentally dull.
b. Desire to create – the caveat is to beware of promiscuity that can cause negative impressions. Sexual food shall be glorious.
c. Food of the ego leads to stress, frustration, anxiety, worry, etc.
9. Green foods cover the three lower energy centers. Black food is the food of the soul. Asar becomes black. The black food is transcendental consciousness. It is beyond the other food colors. You are eating your Higher Self.
10. A positive belief system leads to positive feelings, which leads to positive thinking, which leads to positive speaking, which leads to positive action, and this all leads to good health. It works naturally and automatically. Once the fundamental factor is properly in place, the other factors come in of their own accord without stress or strain. This is the power of the mind (Ashby, 2002, p. 416).

The following is remarkable to me due to my experience as an addiction psychologist and a person in recovery:
The difficulties associated with applying oneself to purification are often associated with addiction. It is difficult to reach divine consciousness because people are addicted to so much. If the nature of the elements of the personality can be understood, then the nature of the Divine personality, God, is also known.
This exercise gave me insight into the character of Hetheru. The myth of Hetheru and Djehuti, with respect to the potion of beer, blood, and mandrake, is relevant to me because it speaks of a journey of spiritual transformation and points the way to victory. Hetheru represents the power of Ra. Making contact with her implies developing inner willpower and vitality which engenders clarity of vision that leads to the discovery of what is righteous (or not). Hetheru can also come in the form of adversities to urge reflection on unrighteous action and challenge one to sublimate the ego. Those without a higher philosophical understanding may take this as punishment. Djehuti (the symbol of right reason) risks his life to rescue Hetheru. What will I do for myself?