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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 29, Interactive Assignment Post #20416, Reply Post#20560
Remarkable issues that impressed me during the interactive exercise:
1. Hotep di si neter iri mettu wadj is an invocation to alleviate physical, intellectual, and emotional disparities. Beware of your thoughts and unconscious schemes and lay yourself bare to yourself. This is an opportunity to elevate yourself. It is imperative to know the motive of ignorant human beings. The path of life that you have to walk is an individual path. The reigns and boundaries or guidelines are the Maatian principles and philosophy. Your divine essences always know what you need for your spiritual evolution. Whatever your necessities, nature will provide them.
2. In order to take the journey of life, one needs a ship. All souls are soulmates. Relationships are ariu-based. If you must be in a relationship, find a righteous and mature person. The relation should be in alignment with Maat. Do not try to develop a relationship with someone who is emotional, mental, physically crippled, or has an infirmity.
3. Society is led by sociopaths. If you accept illusory ideas you will have to suffer through them. Ariu is not abiding. I am constantly changing and the accumulation of all the changes is illusory. However, my soul can chip away at it and allow a shift into something higher. Try to avoid negative outcomes. Extricate yourself as needed until negative tendencies have been sublimated. Part of having health is allowing bodily processes to occur in the normal way. Overemphasizing or placing too much attention on one area can be detrimental and create stress. Be balanced. It will all end in prosperity.
4. Fast the mind by withdrawing from worldly environments (even time and space). Have communion with yourself. Practicing shedy in daily life has a greater effect on spiritual evolution than arui. Allowing oneself to be nurtured by the teaching has a profound effect on the unconscious mind.