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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries Lesson 28, Video Assignment, Intro to SN 104-105 par 3 and 4
Important Themes:
Asar Sokar is King of the netherworld where everyone goes for the upcoming judgment. One of three things can occur:
1. A heavy heart that weighs the balance scale down and Maat goes up indicating an unrighteous soul. The unrighteous soul will have to reincarnate for another attempt to further evolve.
2. The balance scales can be even, indicating a good but not perfect soul that can serve Asar.
3. If the heart can be lighter than Maat, the soul sits on the throne and dissolves into Asar.
If the heart is lighter than Maat, Heru leads the initiate into the inner shrine to meet Asar. The righteous initiate, Ani, is anointed and becomes an Akhu.
Maat is a perennial practice. When you commit an action, the residue of that action stays in your unconscious mind and creates future impetus. Devotion and freedom (uashu) is the path out of ignorance and unrighteousness. There are two aspects of Devotional practice:
1. Personal
2. Community
Shedy has to do with studying and penetrating the mysteries. You cannot learn spiritual philosophy without a preceptor. The four Great Truths are realized by four disciplines in three steps.
Basic Daily worship is organized as follows:
1. Three times per day based on the Anunian Trinity and the three aspects of Ra
2. Bath
3. Light candle
4. Light incense
5. Recite Great Truths
6. Chant daily Hekkau
7. Study scripture
8. Meditation
9. Offering
In order to have a successful spiritual program, there must be purity of body and mind. You need to be a vegetarian and have a subtle intellect. It is necessary to become a member of the organization and be connected to the lecture system and participate in the annual rituals including the Summer and Winter Solstices.
Health is of three types: body, mind, and soul. The source of all diseases is in the causal plane. Imhotep is the creator of Sunnu Philosophy.
There are six forms of Neterian mediation:
1. Arat Sekham (Subtle Life Force)
2. Ari Sema (Righteous Action)
3. Nuk Pu Ushet (I Am)
4. Nuk Ra Akhu (Glorious Light)
5. Rekh Amun (Wisdom Teaching)
6. Khet Ankh (Tree of Life)
A series of questions ensued that resulted in the following takeaways:
1. The Supreme Being cannot be understood with or through physical senses. You must develop a higher mode of sensibility. Until one acquires that higher mode, the worship of lower beings is used to guide or lead you to a higher understanding.
2. According to sacred literature, God can be seen but not understood. There is a distinction between knowing God and being God. One has to become one with that which he is trying to know in order to complete his or her consciousness.
3. Ancestral worship is a degraded form of teaching and not a part of our culture. Ancestors who are Akhu can be worshipped, otherwise, only divinities and enlightened beings should be worshiped. One should only worship the higher principle.
4. One should understand the principles of iconography. You cannot go from A to C. God has many forms and cannot be circumscribed. The universe is the Divine so there can be no idolatry. You cannot understand or come to understand without symbols. However, you need support until you are able to reach an abstract level of worship. Symbols are recognized as crutches.
5. If you cannot stop your mind from thinking thoughts, you will need symbols. A higher transcendental level is being referred to in the symbols. Therefore, the teaching is a metaphor for understanding our own consciousness. The gods and goddesses reside within each of us as aspects of our personality that we should master. To facilitate your understanding, the gods and goddesses make everything Devine. You should go through a process of unconditioning the personality. Learn about each god and goddess. Without purity of heart nothing is possible.