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Alixa Villalobos

Kemet 101
Lesson #1
By Alixa Villalobos


To my perception, the most relevant teaching gathered from studying lesson #1 relates to the importance of developing the four main aspects of the person, in order to be able to transform the personality and embody the Higher Self, which is done by living according to Maat’s philosophy.
According to Maat’s ethical wisdom, the purification of the mind, by studying the wisdom teachings, the purification of the emotions, by developing Divine Love and purification of actions, by developing virtues, is imperative, and that is achieved by living in love, truth and righteousness. Along with it, the development of the will is as important, and that is achieved by practicing daily meditation and chants. This is the area that I am trying to focus on. So far, it has been challenging for me to be able to feel devotional love as I practice the chants, though I have achieved a certain level of success by using either one word chants, and/or the trinity (Asar-Aset-Heru) chants along with some visualization.

Besides living according to Maat’s philosophy, it is extremely important to cleanse the physical body from accumulated toxins and to stop consuming them… I am working on this too.
I realized while studying this lesson, about the importance of developing all the above-mentioned aspects along with the cleansing of the body and adoption of a Kemetic diet, if one aspires to an expanded consciousness. Getting rid of all setian aspects in the personality and embodying the Royal, Divine Self is a process that can be engaged only through the purity of mind, emotions, soul and body.
This process will lead the aspirant to enlightenment, which is ultimately the goal. That enlightenment will bring forth changes in the personality that will be reflected into family and social circles, impacting society in general and, in turn, those changes will be eventually reflected in all economical, political and governmental structures.

I also find relevant the understanding of the influence that Kamitian culture has on modern day cultures. To my perception, learning about our true cultural origins, and understanding that the true founders of modern day humanity and culture were indeed spiritually advanced, by living with virtues, love and truth, has brought forth the importance of knowing the culture and religion of our ancestors in Kemit, back during the Predynastic and Old Kingdom Eras, when humans were able to successfully implement a spiritually based society and culture.
Also, understanding when and how humanity became forgetful and departed from the original teachings and Maat’s philosophy, was also very relevant to me. As I gathered from the video, by Sebai Maa, it was around the Middle Kingdom, when society started to degrade and humanity lowered its consciousness.
That fact in particular, the cultural and societal degradation, relates to the purpose of embodying the Higher Self, by adopting Kemitian religious practices, which encompass action, emotions, thought and diet, as a way to bring forth into our society (a society that has been rendered spiritless, due to the adoption of an egotistic, degraded culture that exploits nature and humanity), Maat’s virtuous principles, in order for humanity to achieve a higher consciousness. Which will in turn, reestablish a spiritually focused culture that treats nature and all humans in a respectful and loving manner.