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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Interaction Assignment, Post #20849 and Reply Post #21306

Two posts discussed emphasized mysticism and consciousness. I found the entirety of both discussions remarkable.
Mysticism is something that is completely apart from the first two levels of religion (myth and ritual). Mysticism should inform myth and ritual. Mysticism does not occur because of myths and rituals, but it clears the path to allow a mystical experience.
The effect of myths and rituals is to help channel a person’s feelings, hone intellect, and purify that person’s ethics, and heart/conscious mind. The philosophy and disciplines are tools that facilitate the effacement of the ego to allow the person to see their true identity. It is a process that clears out obstructions.
There is a relative perspective and an absolute perspective. From the absolute perspective, there is no such thing as unconsciousness. Everything is formed from consciousness. A person may be aware of what they are but not who they are. However, everything in the world is one with who they really are.
Creation is the dream world of Neberdjer. It contains a lot of concepts that lead you to your Transcendental Self. However, there is nothing substantial to be taken from a dream or anything that occurs in time and space.
When you speak of me from an initiatic perspective, you are speaking of both the ego and Transcendental Self. No one is forced to be born into a particular culture. We are responsible for our fate and destination. The conundrum should not be compounded. Do not continue to reinforce egoism. It is about how one thinks, acts, and feels. Mediation then allows one to phantom the possibility of a higher existence.
God is the intelligence, the consciousness, and the medium through which creation is manifested and maintained. The stillness of the mind is a means to an end. Experiential knowledge, intuition, mysticism, and presence are not related to the mind. They are experienced without the mind.
Intellectually trying to explain a mystic experience is philosophy. It is beyond words, but one should have some concept about what it is they are trying to explain, so as to have a clear understanding of the goal and path. There are myriad opportunities to cover the different levels and nuances. Consciousness is the abiding reality. There are levels of consciousness. Humans have a level of astral consciousness that distinguishes them from other animals.
The idea that something has to be relinquished should be relinquished. You have to understand and feel what it is like to be Neberdjer and know what the goal looks like so that you won’t get stuck in the ritual.