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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries, Lesson 27, Video Assignment, Intro to Shetaut Neter 104-105 parts I & II
A list of important themes presented in the video presentation(s):

1. Herumakhet, Ra-Hrakti is the earliest example of the practice of religion

2. Who were the Ancient Kamitans and Nubians?

3. Religion is the most important force driving culture
• Culture is everything humans think and do/African Legacy must be lived
• How ancient is African religion?
• The importance of religion/When was Neterian Religion practiced?

4. What is Shetaut Neter?
• What is the essential Philosophy of Shetaut Neter?
• What is Neteriansim/Definition of Shetaut Neter
• Teaching about the secret hidden supreme being
• Neterianism
• Egyptian Mysteries/Ancient African Theology

5. The Pursuit of Happiness/Purpose of Life
• Adopt the teaching correctly/What should I be searching for?
• Use your mind well/Practice is the hard part
• The Harper Song
• Plan for our departure/Acts of the earth are like a dream

6. The Kamitan philosophy of teaching/The Philosophy of the Afterlife

7. The stages of African Religion

8. The Temple
• Three sections
• Three levels of mind and relative consciousness
• Three levels of aspiration
• Three levels of human existence
• Three modes of action.

9. Sacred Scriptures of Shetaut Neter/The great awakening

10. The six Main Traditions
• All are related and should be viewed as a branch in one spiritual tradition
• Divinizes all of creation
• The importance of the Asarian Resurrection Myth and its Teaching

11. In the system of temples, all divinities are related
• There is a balance between the male and female principles
• The column recreated the mound of creation; as one proceeds through the temple, the ceiling lowers and the floor rises; the Holiest of Holy is the highest point in the temple
• Pylons symbolize the duality of life; if you go through the doors, you are seeking oneness

12. The Four Neterian Principles
• Shetaut Neter can be condensed into four Great Truths that act as formulas to understand the teachings and the practice of the disciplines
• The mouth is the instrument of creation; it is a way to express consciousness
• There is but one path with two parts: wisdom and devotion

13. Creation
• Khepri creates day and the cycle of time/The forces of entropy
• Everything must be continually worked
• Set is on the boat fighting the serpent of chaos

14. Khemn is the negative aspect of blackness that refers to darkness that shrouds the mind and blocks intelligence. Asar is the positive aspect of blackness, which speaks to the black consciousness and the blackness of the primeval ocean

What impressed me most in this presentation was the discussion of the Sphinx and the discussion of the Four Great Truths. To satisfy the question about how ancient African religion is, all one has to do is consider Herumakhet. My impressions regarding the Great Truths have to do with feedback from a chat discussion where I was instructed to remove the ignorance about the cosmic forces in order to master them.
There is extensive knowledge about the Sphinx and Neterian philosophy. The current cycle or year began at approximately 10,858. Somewhere around the year 36,766 BCE according to Manetho, the Creator Ra, ruled the earth in person from his throne in the Ancient Egyptian city of Anu.
The Sphinx on earth can be viewed as a counterpart to the Sphinx in the heavens (Astral Plane). They complement each other and form two halves of the akher-akhet symbol, but turned facing each other looking at the sun.
Since seeking to remove the ignorance about the cosmic forces, it now seems absurd to give Set the opportunity to figure out a way to develop or utilize a formula to facilitate Nehast. Such actions and attitudes can only exacerbate negative arui already associated with the personality.
It has always been important to me to understand how components of a formula operate as independent and dependent factors i.e., the interaction and outcomes of the interactions. I am impressed by the fact that there is a shedy discipline for each Great Truth. I see this as a way to repress the fetters and inflictions of Set and enhance positive ariu.