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Lesson 8
Important Theme: Smai (union) tawi (two lands) = union of the upper and lower self
there is no devil in kemet. Set is the ignorance leading to enlightenment and wisdom.
-From the point of 0 (wisdom) can be the catalyst that sparks an interest in knowing about the self. Being able to see what are the lower aspects of the personality and find a way to dissolve them and cultivate the characteristics of virtue.

Important theme:men and women are mortal gods and goddesses and gods and goddesses are immortal men and women – Kemetic proverb
men and women are to become god-like through a life of virtue and the cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge. Practice and bodily discipline.- Kemetic proverb
-this quote shows that being our highest version of ourself is the greatest thing humans can do. As stated in a previous lesson that humans are the highest expression od divinity when humans make an effort to know who they are.

Important theme:we are gods discovery god. We are asar.
-We are taking the journey to remember who we are in virtue and in the divine light – regardless of how we feel about ourselves in the present moment.

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