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TTOASET Lesson 15 Assignment – Bastu Baket

For some reason completing this lesson 15 has alluded this personality. But with the recent transition of Merri Senti Bastu Heryt I feel her urging and coaching to do what is needed to bring this lesson to fruition.

As always, each lesson has its highlights that resonate with one, so I’ll attempt to share those with you here. We had some key terms such as Khut which is the life force of Ra; Tjez-knitting which relates to Goddess Net and her weaving of Creation and Qed-kneading which is blending the subtle Life Force (spittle) with physicality allows opacity of physicality to wane.

Beginning where we should with Creation and Ra. What was highlighted in this section was reflections/manifestations of Ra. Anything we see, feel, sense in time and space is a reflection of Ra including our own apparent existence. But what is to be deeply reflected upon is the source of these manifestations, what is the source, it is Neberdjer the Absolute Reality. “Only Neberdjer is.” I appreciated Sebai Maa sharing that there is only One Consciousness, but he also gave us the conceptions of “Ra is the ego of the Absolute. Your personality is the ego of your soul. Ra is individuated consciousness. Djehuty is Ab Ra, mind of Ra cosmic force through which Ra thinks about Creation.

Another major highlight was of movement and non-movement. Movement leads to Aryu which we understand as the sum total of all our thoughts, actions etc. in this lifetime and past lifetimes. What also is reassuring is that this Aryu can be purified to the extent that one can follow the path of Goddess Aset. Lady Aset made her observations of Creation and chose her option of being like Ra. She observed the solar path of Ra and through her listening, reflecting and meditating came to a state of non-movement “an nemu nemu”.

Sebai Maa shared very essential teachings of the actual practice of the meditation system of the Temple of Aset. One of my highlighted quotes of Sebai Maa was, “If we approach the Temple of the Goddess rightly, we shall obtain the knowledge of that eternal and Self existent Being.” How comforting that statement was for me to know we have the capacity to achieve the same goal that Aset did. However, it is not an easy task. Purification, devotion, dedication and Shedy practices are essential to this process.

Fortunately, we have these authentic teachings, authentic teachers and the will to choose our path correctly with their guidance.

Dua Aset, Ra, Sebai Maa, Seba Dja, and Bastu for your continued support.