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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 26, Interactive Assignment
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Remarkable issues:
1. I may be trying to do too much too soon. Attempting to strictly adhere to the checklist can be overwhelming. One should practice patience and have an absolute minimum of daily activities to perform with regard to spiritual practice. When trying to evolve spiritually, the use of imperatives, such as must, could backfire and have deleterious effects.

2. Be patient and diligent and be forgiving of yourself for established patterns and negative ariu. Sexuality is a binary expression of an egoistic state of feeling and being. The Intellect is shut down when one is passionate. Delusion overrides the intellect. Therefore, one should practice dispassion to control the lower forces of self. Do not mingle with another’s hormones and energy. Celibacy is needed to control sexual desire. There are two kinds of water that quench desire: suffering and temple initiation and spiritual wisdom

3. As an initiate one should start thinking in a broader context. One needs to understand the secrets or mysteries in order to properly handle and facilitate the mind. Contextually, everything can be placed on three levels. There are three levels of worship, three levels of wisdom, and three bodies or planes.

4. The mental debt has to do with issues related to time and space. The ultimate debt to be overcome is the causal debt.