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Important theme: Asarian artifacts were found in the congo. since the east was the cradle of life. much of which is of today began in Kemet. evidence of Tibet, India/Hindu, Yoruba, and Dogon are all later descendants of Kemet (i knew it.) even Maya culture. Asarian tradition is the most popular.
– There was a similarity in the thinking of ancient people across Africa. There was an understanding of the same ideas and way of life that crossed over from different parts of the world as well. Coming from the same source.

Important theme:the pyramids were temples not for burials. places of initiation and to study the shetaut neter
– The temples were lined up with important stars so there is a certain way a ritual could be performed in ancient times. The pyramids were all the medu neter was written and a place of amplifying the divine energy.

Important theme:~kemet is the flower of African culture~
-The seeds began at the Great Lakes of Africa and what allowed Kemet to blossom into the potential of what African was about in terms of morals, civilization spiritual development and self awareness.