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Important theme: Allah existed in pre-Islamic time. Allah is from the Mesopotamia timeline.
– The use of Allah now is what has also occurred with Christianity and the use of Amen.

Question: IS Allah considered a demiurge(subordinate creator)? In Gnosticism, it is said that Abrahamic religions are based on a lessor creator being that is filled with rage, jealousy, and violence. Since the main religions that were discussed fit this description, would there be truth in this perceptive?

Important theme:St.Augustine, Saint Anthony(search for quotes on ancient Egypt) was one of the ancient Christians, after the Roman period of Kemet. Every culture wanted to dominate Kemet.
-They used Egypt’s knowledge and Wisdom yet want to control and force a different belief on the people. Rewritten Kemet’s written to they can claim it’s the best era as their own. The plight of religion. Every culture had writings about how it wanted to gain control of Egypt’s way of life.

Important theme ham- cush, mizraim, canaan african. shem-asia. japheth-eurasia.
– I appreciated having this refresher on which tribe had a correlation to which part of the world.

Important theme:elohim- gods/goddesses
-This is another instance of something from the ancient culture being used in another way from orthodox religion.

Question: Was there ever a myth in the ancient time of the Elohim like there are myths of those in Kemet?