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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 25, Interaction Discussion
Response to exchange involves post #19974 and post #20397

There following is what is found remarkable between the post and response:

1. Sdjm means listening or hearing. The definition implies paying close attention and adhering to and acting in accord with the higher truths (obeying). Beware of misconstruing and displacing the meaning of obedience.
2. One is not the author of their own existence. As an ego-personality, one does not have a will. The concept of free will is a misnomer. One cannot do anything that his or her ariu does not prevent or permit.
3. Issues related to my identity should be resolved, as well as issues that I may have about who others are. If I latch onto the things that are impressive and take note of what I don’t understand, my notes will be like formulas and keys to recall the teachings.
4. If the teaching has been vetted, out of your volition you give it authority. The formula for achieving enlightenment is dependent on the intensity of two factors: repeated effort, and dispassion. Both are products of an integral practice that should be applied to achieve enlightenment.