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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 24, Reading Assignment, pp. 155-168

1. The Daily Worship Program consists of three worships during the day: one at dawn, one at noon, and one at sunset.

2. Choose an icon according to your spiritual inclination. This will help to develop devotion toward the Divine and hasten progress in yoga. This will be your tutelary divinity and your support, as well as help in opening up the mysteries of other gods and goddesses and the mystery of the supreme and transcendental Divine Self. This is called worship of God with name and form.

3. Describe the Hetep Slab
The hetep offering table combines the libation offering with the food offering with mystical implications that relate to uniting the opposites of Creation. It is typically composed of a stone slab with 2 male thighs, and female duck symbols carved into the top, along with the symbol of Supreme Peace or Hetep, which consists of a loaf of bread, and an offering mat. The top of the table has grooves, which channel the libations around the offering toward the front and center of the table and then out through the outermost point of the protruding section.
The hetep symbol means rest, peace, and satisfaction. When it is used in the hetep offering ritual it refers to the satisfaction of the neters, which comes from uniting the male and female principles into one Transcendental Being.

4. You should try not to come into the temple harboring thoughts of anger, hatred, greed, lust, jealousy, envy, and so forth.

5. Write a brief essay on how to conduct oneself in the temple
Wash before coming into the temple itself. You must be cleansed physically, you must be cleansed in your mouth, in your speech, and you must be cleansed in your mind. If you utter harsh words to anyone you must resolve that issue before coming to the temple otherwise your mind will be agitated. Do not have sex or eat meat before coming into the temple. You do not come to the temple with worldly possessions, you leave them at the door or put them over your coat or in your locker. You do not carry cell phones or pagers so as not to distract yourself or others.
The class is to be conducted in the manner that it has been prescribed and there should not be any deviation from that other than what has been allowed by the preceptor. You want to be managed in a proper way, so as not to go astray. It is the responsibility of the preceptor to shepherd you toward the correct practice and movement toward the Divine. The student is to allow their mind to become pregnant with the teachings and through the teachings eventually give birth to enlightened consciousness. You want to be silent rather than talkative, introverted rather than extroverted. You want to be dedicated, meditative, and of a serious mind.

6. What is the meaning of the term Seba?
Seba means star, it means an illuminating force, a shining object. Therefore, the reason why preceptors are called Seba is that they illumine.

7. Name the different ways one can sit in the temple
One is the cross-legged posture, the lotus posture, or the half-lotus posture. Another permissible posture is sitting on a chair with your legs together and your hands on both sides of your thighs.
Another one is sitting on the ground with your feet together as if you were sitting on a chair, with your feet together or in the same posture grasping your legs side to side and holding them together. Do not extend your feet forward, especially toward the divinity or the Sage. Do not slough over or lay down. These postures tend to lead toward slumber and can impair reasoning capacity and mental understanding. You have a Djed Pillar in your back and it is vertical with the ground like a tree. Another posture is sitting on your knees and your heels.

8. How can you love someone you do not even know?
You must develop a connection that has feelings, and understanding. When feeling and understanding are harmonized and cultivated there is no stopping your spiritual evolution. You need t to learn the chants by heart and allow your thoughts as well as your feelings to flow toward the Divine in an unobstructed manner.

9. Hygiene of your body, speech, and of your mind are the three main concerns for an initiate.