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The remarkable issues that impressed me in the Chat Discussion exchange Post # 19954 and Post # 20394

1. Any practice that leads to the balance of reason, emotions, action, and will is considered integral. Emphasis should not be placed on any aspect of the personality at the expense of the harmonious development of the others. Examples were given of possible outcomes of not practicing integral study that result in various cognitive disorders, stress, maladaptive behaviors, and affective disorders.

2. One should not be afraid to examine a higher truth with respect to each aspect of the personality. One should move in a way to reach absolute truth. Absolute truth will not be reached if there is an imbalance (impurity) in the integral aspects of personality.

3. Investigation is related to the yoga of wisdom. One’s actions should be based on the reasoning of the teachings.

4. The energy of the gods and goddesses has a dampening effect on negative energy. In the choice of an icon, the first choice is not necessarily the final choice. Familiarize yourself with various aspects of all the gods and goddesses.

5. Ideology is defined as following a course of beliefs without facts, without verification. Such behavior is considered fundamentalism and fanaticism. Beware of practicing tribalism, it is a foolish notion based on ignorance. It never leads to a higher evolution of culture. Intellect without feelings is dry intellectualism. If it lacks feelings, you will not have a complete understanding. All feeling with no intellect is fundamentalism and fanaticism (blinded feelings).

6. Learning how to think, how to be rational, and how not to be governed by desires and ignorance is what it means to have reason. Deficiencies of reason, understanding, and wisdom lead to the failure of life, society, and civilization.

7. Take care to work in all areas of the personality to promote balance. Do not be afraid to reflect on and examine the truths that are held. There may be the possibility of understanding a higher aspect. One should move in a harmonized way until an absolute truth is reached. Meditate on and allow the personality to bubble up and rise together.