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Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 22, Reading Assignment
Remarkable points found in Chat Discussion exchange involving Phonix Hetp MAAT’s post #199176 and reply from Bastu Baket’s post # 20374:
1. Some are pursuing spirituality in an attempt to enlighten the ego. Aset and Heru faculty are in the deeper ariu. Aset is there urging the awakening process for Heru to be born and begin the battle. The Aku of Aset fools the ego into facing higher truths. The shedding of fake truth is a primary hallmark of an effective Maatian practice that recognizes and follows truth.

2. There are different levels of understanding that become more subtle and there are various ways to think about the nature of the mind, the nature of consciousness, and the nature of conscious awareness. The current understanding is not necessarily the final one. Different levels of understanding should be used at various stages of development. The one that is most useful is the one to be used. You have to leave lesser truths behind.

3. Everything is a mirror of its original source; however, there is no instrument in time and space, including the mind, that can know or measure the essence of consciousness. If the mind is reflecting the ego, it is like being in a house of mirrors, where you are constantly mirroring your ego. However, the mind is the only instrument one has to use to practice meditation, even though it is illusory. The movement of the mind (thought) is distracting and compelling. Though you have some understanding, you still have the problem of the ariu pressing (impelling and compelling) you. Believing that the individual self is who I am is what allows creation of the ariu.

4. Ariu is the sum total of thoughts, feelings, desires, and concepts that, in turn, drive desires, opinions, feelings, and thoughts. It can lead to conditioning that results in egoism. The mind gives one a way to deal with abstract ideas in spite of the negative ongoing pressures of the ariu, which should be suppressed, neutralized, and replaced with positive ariu.

5. Knowledge of the Higher Self cannot be quantified; however, conceptualization allows the mind to continue. The stages of meditation are stillness, concentration, and burning. Holding and focusing (the first 2 stages) cause heat that burns away egoism. A way to describe the progression is that it progresses from thoughts with a thinker, to thinker without thoughts, to pure existence. Meditation occurs after the burning stage starts.

6. A critical question one should ask themselves is ‘ Am I aware of my reflective existence’?