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Aspirant Howard

Eyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 21, Reading Response to Shems Ahit Nebthet’s Reply Post # 22106 and Bastu Baket’s Reply Post #22621
State any remarkable issues that impressed you or that you found remarkable in the exchange:

First of all, in considering the effects that shedy disciplines have on the personality, one should consider that actions are offerings that should align with the virtues and precepts of Maat. Listening, reflecting, and meditating are Maatian activities that turn the personality towards that that is true or unknown to the personality.
Reflection facilitates understanding. After one realizes the truth, the mind can become quiet or still. Once a still mind is realized (or the truth is realized), a meditative state can be entered into, where one is able to experience a higher order of existence.
A consideration of the steps in the practice of right action yoga includes the following steps, among others, (1) learn ethics and the law of cause and effect, as well as practice right action along with (2) cultivation of the higher virtues in order to purify gross impurities of the personality and purify the mind and intellect from subtle impurities. During this process, ego-based feelings are transformed into divine feelings.

Secondly, in the concept of agency, there is the agent (the person acting) and the entity for whom the action is for or to. The soul and the ego can both be principles in an agency. The agency behind feelings and desires is the ego, while Divine agency is that entity that is Higher Divine Self. However, the true and permanent agency of a person is their soul, and the agency behind the soul is the spirit. Discovery of the higher nature via practicing yoga postures is a way of emulating Divinity. One should begin thinking and feeling like divinity.
Stagnation due to blockages and negative energy can cause diseases. At every moment you are creating your reality. Take care of the physical body and allow the mind to subside. Don’t get caught up in the movement of the mind. Allow the mind to reconstitute itself. Be seated in your Higher agency.

Thirdly, Aset and Set are aspects of the personality. Set is ego and Aset is intuitional vision and experience. The wisdom of truth is food for the mind. Aset is working in the personality and is, therefore, the real agency in the battle against Set. Heru is an extension of Asar and Aset. Asar in time and space is called Heru.
Heru is considered the redemptive aspect of the personality. The true nature of the battle is between truth and untruth, ethics and vises, wisdom and ignorance. However, some see it as a battle between good and evil. Set is trying to kill your soul and aspirations, while Aset is trying to revive it. For the wise there is no hope; only wisdom

Finally, the Important issues of life are food, shelter, clothing, and opportunity. Realizing opportunity comes with movement. Creation and movement are the same. The absence of movement is degradation. Be ready for movement. Be prepared to meet any challenge.
Don’t promote self-delusion. Don’t overemphasize the physical aspect of the delusion. Instead extricate yourself from delusions. Allow the philosophy to shine the light on the delusion. Being ethical and living by truth is the only way out, as ethics promotes righteousness, balance, and truth.
Be conscious of putting down the fetters of Set in your subconscious and unconscious mind. It is important to channel divine awareness by engaging in the right rituals to humble the ego-personality. The answer grows.