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Egyptian Mysteries, Level 1, Lesson 21 Reading Assignment

1. Question: What is MAUI?
MAUI means reflection, which implies discovering the oneness behind the multiplicity of the world by engaging in intense inquiry into the nature of one’s true Self.

2. Name the process in the practice in Yoga of Wisdom
In the Temple of Aset the Discipline of the Yoga of Wisdom is practiced in three stages:
A. Listening to the teachings of the nature of reality
B. Reflecting on those teachings and incorporating them into daily life
C. Meditating on the meaning of the teachings
The philosophy of wisdom teaching is espoused in order to achieve higher spiritual consciousness. The Yoga of Wisdom is based on insight into the nature of worldly existence and the transcendental Self, thereby transforming one’s consciousness through development of the wisdom faculty. There is increasing intellectual understanding of the scriptures and the meaning of truth versus untruth, real versus unreal, temporal versus eternal.
3. What are the steps in practicing the Yoga of Action?
A. Learn ethics and the law of cause and effect and practice right action
B. Practice cultivation of higher virtues to purify the mind and intellect from subtle impurities.
C. Devotion to the Divine
D. Meditation
These steps are to be taken to the end of purifying gross impurities of the personality to control the body, speech, and thoughts, as well as purifying the mind and intellect from subtle impurities. Maatian actions are to be viewed as offerings to the Divine. One should see oneself as one with Maat, i.e. united with the cosmic order which is the Transcendental Supreme Self

4. How should a spiritual aspirant think about ego based feelings and how does the Action Path affect them as an aspirant transforms through time?
The experience of peace is not an all-or-nothing experience. It occurs in degrees. You may still find yourself feeling entrapped and agitated, but now in addition to ego based feelings you have increased sensitivity to the voice of wisdom within you. This is the voice that repeats a hekau, mantra, or prayers and reflects on the nature of your true essence when the ego wants to tie the mind up with worries and imaginations.
In the beginning stage of practicing yoga, you may not experience much peace. However, as you choose to listen to that voice more and more, and indulge in prayer, hekau, and the other disciplines of yoga more than you indulge yourself in egoistic practices, you will notice within yourself a river of peace, faith, security, and devotion which will eventually overflow and wash away all ego based emotions from your personality. This is the victory or Heru over Set within your personality.

5. Question: If you do not learn the spiritual lesson that the situation is here to teach you, what happens?
You are setting yourself up to have the experience repeat itself. This is the nature of the karmic process upon which the world process is set up
6. Question: By acting and moving like the gods and goddesses one can do what?
One can essentially discover their character, energy, and divine agency within one’s consciousness and thereby also become one of their retinue, i.e. one with the Divine Self

7. Yoga posture began in India. True/false
8. Many enlightened personalities from time to time indulge in recreational activities

9. Question: The stagnation of the flow of energy through the body has what effect?
Stagnation grounds consciousness to the physical realities rather than allowing the mind and body to operate with lightness and subtlety