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Lesson 20 Audio Assignment

224B – What is necessary for Success in the Spiritual Practice
This is a composite of conceptions presented that I found remarkable:

A reactionary state of life and criminal behavior is due to a very degraded mind that should be transcended. Unconscious mental impressions of the ego are like clouds that prevent the knowledge of the truth. They can cause a dull or agitated state of mind. The practice of yoga and meditation prevents such a state and the subsequent behavior from occurring.
Speaking truthfully all the time is a misconception. It is about attaining a higher state of consciousness and leaving lesser truths behind. Truth should be used for the greater good. The higher good is never served by doing something for the ego.
Do not procrastinate in the development of yourself. Do not allow yourself to get to the point of feeling defeated. The moment one notices that she or he is agitated, that is the moment of improvement or enlightenment. No matter how small it may be, every positive vibration has a positive effect. Endeavor to rest in the assurance of the program.
Spiritual practice purifies and unburdens you from the guilt-laden tensions associated with past negative ariu. The person that did things that created the negative karma is not the real you. Egoism is the source and culprit.
Selfless service requires perfection in your actions. Focus on the action, not the fruit. The action is perfected when you realize that God is working through you. You are not doing anything. The higher practice of the action is that I am God.
There are also misconceptions regarding sex sublimation. The remedies given were curtailing certain behaviors and good association.
Aspects of spiritual practice were outlined as follows:
1. Practice should be regular and daily
2. Non-fanatical
3. Formal and informal
4. Applied to daily activity
5. Understood and practiced correctly
6. Immediately resume practice if you falter
7. Distractions and agitation contribute to downfall
The world is full and every vibration has an effect. Ideally one should want to move vertically as opposed to horizontally as horizontal movement indicates moving only in time and space. As you move, things become more intense. You will be corrected. One can be pulled back to a less than desirable state or one can pull it out and experience a more desirable state. Focus allows one to have everything in life. What is it that one cannot do? Teaching is a good way to continue to develop and evolve.

Drawing from the Basic Schedule of Spiritual Practice from the reading assignment, I am meditating, praying, chanting, listening to the teachings, studying, and reflecting. Some days are better than others, but I stick to a minimum of simple meditation, breathing exercises and chanting and reading and studying, and reciting the Great Truths. I continue to plan and look forward to gradually incorporating spiritual practices into my daily life.