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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 19, Audio Assignment, 224A-What is necessary for Success in The Spiritual Practice
What is necessary for successful spiritual practice (shedy) is an ongoing process that has many ramifications. An integral shedy practice allows one to gain insights and understanding to penetrate the mysteries. Sheti also refers to a corpse that is going to be transformed or resurrected. When one awakens, they become a true human being. The ultimate truth is that nothing in this world will last. Life without spiritual direction(s) can cause one to exist lower than an animal. Willful ignorance can be extremely degrading.
There are three overriding principles involved in a successful spiritual practice
1. Cultivating virtues
Virtues purify you. Maatian Philosophy has many virtues, each counteracting a vice. However, all virtues flow from the overriding virtue of truthfulness. Truth is self-evident and something that one has to learn to understand. Part of that understanding is obtaining purity of heart. Truth is never the same as it was in one’s past. There is no literal truth. When one is growing in truth, one has to learn to leave the lesser truths behind. Following truths goes beyond faith and mental concepts.
2. Bringing virtues in day-to-day life
Spiritualizing your life means bringing the virtues into every aspect of your life. However, one should not make any major changes at the beginning of the process of spiritualizing one’s life. Authentic spiritual evolution has more to do with purity than words. The teaching is only a guide that leads to understanding the truth.
Many older people, including myself, have lived a long life of placing impurities in the mind and have well-developed grooves in the mind due to mental agitations. Concepts of the mind can be like chains that bind. Spiritual practice should be steady and balanced. Living a life of virtue facilitates that needed balance. One should have flexibility in their spiritual life so as to be able to overcome the challenges and adversities in life.
3. Continuous spiritual practice
Even in the great heights of spiritual attainment, one’s personality should be humble. Humility opens up the way to purity of heart. Being a conduit of the Divine and a servant to humanity is the greatest way to bring humility to my life. Psychic power is not a definitive criterion for practicing spirituality. Present actions will engender truth and righteousness for the future. Repudiating yourself does no good. Counteract negative thoughts with positive thinking/ideas.

Currently, I am practicing daily rituals to include: Ari Shedy, Maat Shedy, and simple meditation. I also read Sebai Maa’s books relative to the current topics, listen to and watch tapes of spiritual lectures and reflect on what was presented. Sometimes I do actual offerings. Sometimes they are astral. I see the opportunity to strengthen my meditation practice by doing GLM in lieu of simple meditation or doing both.