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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 19 Reading Assignment, Introduction to Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Religion: a Workbook for New Aspirants pp. 69-90

1. How should a spiritual aspirant think about the prospect of “becoming godlike” and their capacity to live a life of virtue and cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge, practice, and bodily discipline, and is this possible for everyone? If so why so? If not why not?
An aspirant should think and feel assured that he or she can become godlike. He or she should receive and affirm assurance that they will become one with the Transcendental essence. It has to be true and possible because of the first Great truth. When there is peace and harmony in life, a human being can practice Shetaut Neter to promote evolution towards the ultimate goal of life.
2. What kind of text is Papyrus of Any?
The Papyrus of Any is in the category Mystical Philosophy and Ritual.
3. The symbol of Neter is an Ankh.
4. What is the meaning of the term Neteru?
Neteru means gods and goddesses, cosmic forces that pervade the universe. They are the means by which Neter sustains the Creation and manifests through them. They may be depicted anthropomorphically or zoomorphically.
5. What should the ears be filled with?
A Shemsu Neter should listen to the Wisdom of the Neterian Traditions.
6. There are 3 main traditions in Shetaut Neter.
This is a false statement because there are five Traditions.
7. The gods and goddesses who are whose thoughts?
The Memphite Tradition is about the teachings of Creation, human origins, and the path to spiritual enlightenment by means of the Supreme Being in the form of the god Ptah and his family. Ptah emerged from a primeval ocean and created the universe by his will and the power of thought. The gods and goddesses are his thoughts who form the elements of nature and the cosmic forces that maintain nature.
8. In what period did the temple of Amun become important?
In the early part of the New Kingdom Era.
9. The goddess, as well as the female gender, were respected and elevated as the male divinities in Kemetic religion is a true statement.

10. The centers of Asarian Tradition were in the city of Abdu.

11. Teaching of the Aton Tradition is related to the Neter Aton and its main exponent Sage King Akhnaton.