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Ausar Ra Hetheru


These are some of the most important points from today’s lesson that I chose for my discussion post. According to the ancient Diodius (Greek Historian) Asar passed through Arabia from Ethiopia, bordering upon the Red Sea to as far as India and the remotest inhabited coasts. He built cities in India, one which is called Nysa which was remembrance of Nysa in Egypt were he was raised. It appears the Kamit and Kush were closely associated and it is referred to as the Black lands. Shetaut Neter is the term used for Kemetic Spirituality which originated in 10k BC. All other forms of religions came after. The evidence of the existence of this advanced organized religion of Kemetic Spirituality is through monuments such as the Sphinx located in Egypt along with many other structures such as the pyramids. Ra ruled this area in Egypt around 36k BC and handed over his power to Asar. The Pyramids and structures were built with resources they had access to rather than cement which is widely used today. Many depictions of Egyptians in Hollywood demonize the ancient people and a time where Egyptians were conquered by Greeks and Romans. The ancient Egyptians in the picture were a mix of Nubians and Egyptians that were different hues of skin bringing an offering to the current government. You can tell who was what by their headdress and attire without it one who is not able to tell the difference. An ancient Egyptian Proverb states: Something for oneself in the world is the pursuit of an illusion. Having mind directed and corrected in the world is the true key to the pursuit of happiness.


Why is our world today has become more about confusion than truth and knowledge?

Is there a reason why the Black Americans/Africans chose not to pass down the Maat but more confusion with of identity and religion?

Why are Black Americans/Africans afraid to get back to their roots of the Africa and Kemetic Spirituality of Maat?


Ausar Ra Hetheru