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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 18 Video Assignment,

Without symbols, there would be no way for the mind to exist, function, and interact with creation and subsequently become nondual. Of the following themes presented, I found most impressive those that explained the symbolism associated with the offering elements:
1. Daily Worship conducted and explained. Fragrant of the incense is symbolic of your personality being burned as an offering. The Divine will reciprocate and you will prosper and be enlightened
2. Libation, the continuous pouring of water into another vessel or onto the ground, represents continuous mental thought towards the Divine. One can have an astral offering in lieu of food.
3. Hekau (words of power) are offerings that transform the mind. They also transform creation and your personality. Chanting the Hekau four times symbolizes that you have encompassed the whole of creation.
4. Offering table (HTP) consists of a mat, bread, Beef (maleness) and Geese (females) are united when pouring of libations come together.
5. What Shetaut Neter means:
a. Hidden Divinity
b. Hidden way of the Divine Self
c. How to know the Divine Self
6. The Trinity is expressed in various ways throughout the teachings. For example, the three sections of the temple correspond with the level of the aspirants:
a. Mortal – have not received the inner vision
b. Intelligences – attained inner vision and received a glimpse of cosmic consciousness
c. Those who have received, become identified with the light
7. The very act of being in the outer section of the temple is a great accomplishment.
8. What is true is that everything is composed of Nu, the underlying substance (energy). Spirit is the constant.
9. The Great truths of Shetaut Neter capture the entirety of Kemitan Philosophy
a. The Supreme Divinity is one that manifests as gods and goddesses
b. An Maat has led to a situation where one is caught up in the feelings and senses of the body, which are fetters. Humans were placed in water encasements because of arrogance. They were caught up in vices and are slaves to fetters
c. One is able to overcome the struggles by devotion to the Divine
d. Practice of the Shedy Disciplines
1. Listening
2. Devotional
3. Maat
4. Meditation
10. There are three basic realms of existence
a. Physical Plane which is the waking state
b. Astral Plane, the subconscious
c. Causal Plane, the seed that causes the rest of existence, the Unconscious
1. Deep in the heart of the unconscious is the transcendental state
11. Myths are a special language that gives insight into the purpose of life. The myth of Asar is the most important.
a. The ritual aspect of spirituality supports the myth. The offerings are the ritual of resurrection. The offering is the reconstituted eye of Heru
b. If your rituals are performed correctly there will be the emergence of mysticism
12. Khepri is the Creator who gave the teachings, Djehuti codified them, and Asar instituted and implemented Shetaut Neter