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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 18, Video Assignment, Great Truths of SN chants.mp3
The Four Great Truths are the main teachings brought out in the audio assignment. They encapsulate the entirety of Kemitan Philosophy.

1. The Neter, the Supreme being, is one and alone and as Neberdjer, manifests everywhere and in all things in the form of Gods and Goddesses.
2. Lack of righteousness brings fetters to the personality that cause ignorance.
In Neterian philosophy there are only order and chaos, truth and error. If a person acts in unrighteous ways, they are being controlled by the forces of entropy (egoism and ignorance). If their actions are righteous, they are controlled by Maat. There are only two groups of people, the spiritually awakened and the worldly ignorant. From a philosophical perspective, all worldliness is unrighteousness. Anyone who is not enlightened has some negative Ariu (Karmic basis). The greatest unrighteousness is the unrighteousness of ignorance.
3. Devotion to the Divine leads to freedom from the fetters of Set.
Devotion purifies the personality by dissolving the ego. As spiritual enlightenment dawns, new feelings arise, because a new world unknown by the mind has been accessed. Devotion and right action remove the fetters of the personality and one’s mind becomes unlimited. You must be devoted in the proper way with understanding and the idea of discovering the Divine as the very essence of oneself, here and now. Devotion, subsequently, leads to Nafu which is freedom from saiu set, freedom from the fetters of Set
4. Doing Shedy leads to knowledge of oneself, of knowing one’s heart, and this is called being True of Speech (established in truth). The disciplines are practiced to reach knowledge and purity of heart. It is important to begin now to purify the heart and cleanse the soul so as to become Maakheru (true of speech, pure of heart) at the time of judgment.

I am currently practicing integral Shedy. I tend to emphasize listening and meditating. I am (and am not) currently satisfied with my current level of practice. I do appreciate my perceived progress and hope that consistent daily practice will facilitate higher levels of consciousness. I have felt or sensed inner vision and maybe a glimpse of cosmic consciousness. There have been times when I have felt connected.