Reply To: Kemet 101-Lesson 6 Discussion Forum

Elizabeth Perez

What I understood is that it is a journey to attain spiritual enlightenment and one must do the work to get there.

There are different realms of experience to get to the ultimate goal.
1, physical realm
2. astral realm where we meet gods and goddesses, dream, have visions,
3. the casual plane: unconscious mind, where thoughts are created into form ,
that leads to transcendental truth connection with the divine, oneness , the delusion is broken

Rituals, understanding, philosophy and practicing myths lead us to this breakthrough.

Myths are symbolic language that help us understand the aspect of ourselves physically, and aspects that resembles, or is the divine

Western teachings have only created deceptive lies about teaching in religion and history, where only the myth and ritual is taught
the mystical part of religion has been hidden, many years ago, starting when the Romans took over and hid the Gnostic gospels that were found , Nag Hammad.

This has never been taught in catholic churches
all religions do not teach the mystical part such as Judaism, kabbalah is not

Religion only teaches to worship what is outside of us, saints etc but how to attain enlightenment and connection with the divine is not taught

Miscommunication and rivalries is created within religious groups, trying to outperform each other, as to is right and who is wrong….constant fights and arguments that lead no where.

Kemet teachings is about finding our self worth and how to delve into the conscious mind and feel the blissful moments of what it really is to connect with spirit, who we truly are. Mysticism leads us to the connection with divinity.

The different stages that we work through for this connection leads us to confront our Ego, to understand it and to release it from the distorted conditioning that we have been for years.

Through devotion I believe attainment can be found, it takes pure dedication and the want to attain truth, peace and love.