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Level 1- Lesson 14wt – Reading Assignment pages 21-22

1. My knowlegede of philosophy iss that it is a way of living, a way of understanding the
meaning of living, to see and experience the true deeper meaning of creation. It is
like a tool to find that ever abiding peace and contentment in this realm of so much
agitation, sorrow and disappointment.

2. Mental agitation would be my biggest obstacle to happiness.

3. The most important need that I have would be peace and contentment. Not letting this
world and the people in it distract me of the Devine picture.

4. My previous religion was Christianity. There might be alot of similarities between
Christianity and Neterianism but its lacking the proper teaching for the seeker to
find the Devine.

5. Kemitan Spirituality plays a major role in my Life because it taught me so much more
about the Self, about the Devine that is with in and not some God who will deal with
all my struggles for me but teaches me how I (the Self) can and shoule deal with
ones own struggles and how to overcome and transcend this realm.

6. Never had any Yoga instructions before, this is my first.

7. Havent received any advanced religious instructions.

8. I see my life more meaningful now that I know who & what I truly am which is the
Self, that immortal essence that neither dies nor borns.

9. I think I have much potential to succeed in Life now that i am on the proper
spiritual Path.

10. I would like to help others to know themselves to help them find out who and what they truly are and to help liberate their minds of agitation and distractions.