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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Audio Lesson 17, Intro to SN by Dja- conference 2

This video summarized the glorious legacy, teachings, and beliefs which included the following themes:
1. Basic daily observance of Shemsu
2. Threefold worship related to the different aspects of Ra
3. Different forms of meditation that resonate well (no one form is better than the other)
4. Phases of Kemitan Yoga posture practice
5. The practice of Shedy Disciplines
6. Temple of Aset – where one receives the teachings of wisdom
People revere the legacy and ancestors but do not practice the teachings. It has to be lived, not just studied and revered. Keys to a successful spiritual practice include patience, effort, perseverance, and good association. One can assess the progress and success of their practice according to the following:
1. If the vices are getting less and less in intensity and duration
2. Detachment and dispassion
3. Nut Nefer (Good Association) Shem su udja
4. There will be a gradual improvement over time.
Shem su udja shedy means desire and aspiration. If you are not practicing it, then you are lost and turned away. You can gain by being in the presence of others. It may be necessary to start a study group in your area. Questions can be answered at a conscious and subconscious level. One wants to declare “Nuk pu Nuk Asar Neter.” Nehast is the final objective. Books do not enlighten you. Sema Institute has the books and the university to provide the teaching.
I am currently putting forth effort(s) in the following areas:
1. Nut Nefer
2. Simple Meditation
3. Shedy practices
4. Three-fold Worship related to aspects of Ra
I am working to build upon and become proficient in all of the above. I want to strengthen my meditation practice and become adept in my integral shedy practice.