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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries, Interaction Assignment, Lesson 16
Response to Djedefhor Anpu’s Response, Post # 20644 and feedback from Basket Baket, Post # 20644

I was amazed that, up until I read this post, I had not considered the personal application of the concept of Setjert (to drink the potion myself). I was impressed by the following:
1. I was especially interested in the discussion about polarity. Mental alchemy is one of my favorites. According to the chat discussion, swinging of the mind is duality and can be considered an illusion of polarity. Everything on the continuum is a delusion because it exists and works in time and space. The process of loving and hating eventually becomes the teacher through suffering and frustration.
2. The Higher Self has nothing to do with these things. Do not attempt to hold on to the good or bad. Learn to be indifferent. The solution, as given by the Sages, is worship and practicing the disciplines.
3. The source that allows us to do anything is our Higher Self. However, God will not make one do anything. God extends Divine awareness to those who are ready. Worship manipulates the life force. The Higher Self is always ready. This does not sound contradictory if one understands that one is already Asar.
4. With respect to the illusion of polarity, everything that we do within the teachings is illusory. To be rid of negative emotions, one should meditate on and practice the opposite emotion. One cannot be attached to an illusion. Make the mechanics of the metaphysical work for you. Move into non-duality, nothingness, and cognitive space, all the while being aware of your transcendental essence. Learn how to properly view the relationship between practical reality and psycho-spiritual growth.
I found the following very reassuring:
1. Three things to consider are being free from the afflictions of Set, being free from the fetters of Set, and being free of Set. Knowledge, existence, and ignorance is what Neterianism is concerned with.
2. The Supreme Being is not part of duality. It is the ingredient that comes in and breaks up duality. On the other hand, the Christian god has an ego. Most Christians are ego-based characters, regardless of their virtues. Western culture is the most degraded development in human history. You cannot defeat the devil because he is an illusion.
3. Mandrake is the desire and awareness for something higher. Relative to obtaining conscious awareness, one of the truest things to be found in time and space is that human beings need to learn from other human beings. In mystical traditions, there is no question that is disallowed.