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Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Reading Assignment, pp 35-50, Lesson 16

Why is keeping the company of the wise important?

One of the most important ways of promoting awareness and constant reflection is keeping the company of wise teachers or Sages. Good Association is seen as a primary way to accelerate the spiritual development of the aspirant. Keeping the company of wise ones is an important and powerful tool for spiritual development because the nature of the unenlightened mind allows it to make subtle mistakes that can lead the aspirant astray from the correct interpretation of the teachings. Thus, receiving the teaching is the real force that causes transformation through a baptismal ritual, and not the ritual itself.

How should a spiritual aspirant think about good association, and what actions should they take to ensure that they will receive and benefit from it?

All the situations you find yourself involved with are divinely inspired to provide for your spiritual education. Try to become the best possible disciple you can while still performing your everyday duties of life. Once you honestly set in motion the mystical process of your own spiritual aspiration, you will one day encounter more advanced personalities from whom you can learn and progress.
If you have the good fortune to know someone like this, get close to them and ask them to show you how they came to possess those advanced spiritual qualities. Ask their permission to spend time with them.
When you are growing spiritually you will recognize those who are spiritually advanced. You will be led to them in a mystical way and you will receive the teaching which you need at that time. They can direct you on the correct path and point out your mistakes if you are willing to listen. A guide or coach who is advanced in their practice should be sought out and approached with humility and honesty to ask questions and dispel subtle forms of ignorance. Know that the Divine Self is instructing you through the spiritual preceptor, the same Divine Self that aids your reflecting and understanding process. Emaluate Sebai.

What food does the preceptor provide?

The preceptor provides the mental food in the form of the wisdom teachings and then it is up to you to take this food, consume it, digest it, absorb it and allow it to become part of your being.
When can you as the aspirant choose those disciplines which suit your personality?
Once you learn the correct methods of spiritual discipline, you can then choose those disciplines which suit your personality and then gradually increase the intensity of your practice, even while you carry on the normal duties of life.
Who is Sebai?
A preceptor (Sebai) is a spiritual teacher who may or may not have the function of a guru or spiritual guide proper. They may exist in embodied or non-embodied form. They may be either male or female.
The teacher, guru, priest, etc. who is close to God (enlightened) as it were, is seen as greater than God because he or she can lead the aspirant toward God (knowing who and where God is and how God is to be discovered).
A true teacher is one who lives the teaching. Such a person can breathe life into the scriptures to make them understood in the language of today. This is the fire of Knowledge that burns away ignorance and illusion, which are the cause of human suffering and misery.

Where is the largest priesthood?

The largest priesthoods belonged to the Temples of the Gods Amun, Asar, Ra and Heru, and the Goddesses Net, Aset, and Hetheru