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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 16, Intro to SN by Dja – -Conference 2008 part 1

The important themes presented include the following:
1. When human beings become too involved in the world, they forget their true nature. One can go to the temple to have experiences, other than the worldly, to meditate and have the souls of Ra expand in consciousness. Kamit Is where we are living the teachings. Wherever one is one can create a sacred space. The space should be revered in the same way the Temple is revered. Such a place and its teaching are needed so that the mind can become aware of higher possibilities and turn away from mental dullness due to ignorance, and be led to Nehast (for healing).
2. Setjert relates to the GLM story where Heteru was sent to earth by Amun Ra to destroy evil humans, but she became entangled with the world to the point of forgetting her true nature. Lord Djehuti was sent to bring her back. He made a potion (Setjert) to heal Heteru, restore her to her true essence, and bring her back to her rightful place.
3. Sema Institute has two departments which contain a university and a temple. Kamitan – African religion which is to be considered an authentic religion because it encompasses the elements of myth, ritual, and mysticism.
4. The teachings (Shetaut Neter) are about the secret hidden Divinity. The Egyptian Mysteries are of a lower and higher nature. The lower mysteries involve intellectual knowledge, while the higher mysteries involve intuitional knowledge. It has both universal and cultural applications. Everyone can practice it because all are of the Divine essence. Culturally, ultimately one needs to be understood and feel that they belong. Africans will not be free until its people pray to African Gods and Goddesses unapologetically.
5. Part of the study and teaching is about reclaiming Neterian African philosophy, culture, spirituality, and civilization. Neteriansim, a term coined by Sebai Maa, refers to those who follow Shetaut Neter. Those who follow are called Neterians. Neterians are linked by life force energy to the Divine as follows: Lord Kheperi gave the teaching to Lord Djhehuti, who codified them and gave them to Aset, Asar, and Heteru, who passed them to the Priests and Priestesses who in turn passed them to Heru, you, and I. There is a balance between male and female in the practice of the traditions.
6. The sacred scriptures are typed as mythical, wisdom texts, and mystical. In The Four Great Truths of Shetuat Neter, the last line tells one that they have to practice the shedy disciplines to obtain freedom from the fetters of Set. Different aspects of the personality are enlightened through the practice of the appropriate shedy disciplines. Practicing yoga postures encompasses all of the shedy disciplines.
I was most impressed by how the Neterian Creed seems to be a simple guide to the truth. I am practicing the following with much room for improvement: I create sacred spaces. I read and listen to mythical, mystical, and wisdom scriptures. I practice the shedy disciplines. With respect to continued spiritual evolution, adhering to the Neterian Creed is a good way to monitor behavior and adjust accordingly.