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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian’s Mysteries, Lesson 15, Intro to SN part 3b.mp4 – Video

Main Teachings:
1. Some Eastern and Indian scholars and gurus have given credit to Kemetic Yoga Philosophy for being the most advanced and oldest religious and yoga system. To be more specific there were examples where these scholars and gurus supported the fact that Sema Tawi existed prior to Indian forms of yoga.

2. At one time, Set was seen as a benevolent divinity, but one that represented the lower (not negative) forces. Later, being associated with Set took on a negative connotation. Lower forces become negative due to unnatural applications. Set also represents the ego of a person that has become beset with ignorance. There was a time when the Hyksos worshiped Set. However, Set had no temple.

3. Different pieces of the puzzle are found in various temples. Parts of the teachings or portions of the story can be found in one temple while other portions of the story are found in different temples. One has to visit a number of temples to receive the entire story.

4. In the great trinity of Amun Ra Ptah, Amun represents the witnessing consciousness. I wonder if this can be considered as one being aware of being aware? Ra represents the interaction of that witness with the physical reality in time and space. Ra is the totality of the mind, while Djehuti is the cognitive aspect of the mind, the ability to think.
Neberdjer is a precursor to the trinity. Neberdjer, the all-encompassing divinity, manifests as Amun Ra Ptah. This trinity allows one to have interaction with the world. If it is allowed through meditation, for one aspect of the trinity to dissolve, the worldly interaction would cease. If one is rid of the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious, one would have Neberdjer. You would have a direct experience. Your self would transcend time and space reality.

5. One can enter the dream world (astral plane) in two ways; consciously and unconsciously. To go unconsciously is called a dream. If you are consciously aware that you are dreaming, it is considered a positive experience. It is also a positive experience to recognize, in the waking state, that the physical world is also a dream. There is a negative and positive experience associated with such transcendence. The physical world is actually a cloud on reality. The latter is the preferred higher state of consciousness.

6. With respect to good association and the proper behavior toward the preceptor:
Some are unable or unwilling to face the reality that they have not received what they were looking for or should have received from what they have been practicing. They come to drink from the waters, reinforce their distinctiveness, and continue what they are doing. They see no contradiction in what they have been taught and Neterianism. However, to see commonality between the two is a form of delusion.
The practice and experience of the Neterian teaching give it its legitimacy. Authentic truth seekers are not barred or excluded.
Other religions do not teach that Nehast is the ultimate goal. Those that come from other religions do not have the same goal. They already have their answer and are really here looking for a way to excuse themselves from pursuing anything else. Time should not be wasted in trying to proselytize or associate with them.

I feel that I am currently implementing, to some degree, items 4, 5, and 6 listed above. I am practicing Simple Meditation daily and also studying the characteristics and powers of Neberdjer, Amun, Ra, and Ptah. In doing so, I recognized that I am practicing the shedy disciplines of wisdom and meditation (to some degree).
I am also looking into and studying the way of a Shem. Along with that, I am contemplating and observing how to have a proper relationship with Sebai Maa and Seba Dja. I have also come to realize that Sebai Maa and Seba Dja are teaching me how to reason.
I understand that spiritual evolution is a gradual process and that there is much to learn. My plan is to obtain an Associate Degree from the college and evolve/unfold in a structured academic environment.