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Soyini Crenshaw

Lesson 6 Fundamental Principles of African Religion
The substratum of African Religion is that God and the Universe are On
This is the Pantheistic view of African Religion
There are 3 levels of an Authentic Religion
Ritual (Formal/Informal)
Mysticism Transcendental Experience
If the religion you practice does not have all three levels you will struggle with understanding the true purpose of life and who you really are
African Religion holds the view that the Supreme Being and the Universe are one
Other religions hold the view that Cause is separate from Effect
Keys to Understanding a Myth
Not just for Ancients
Written in the form of a Journey
Understanding for the Living
Not just for Entertainment
Transcendental Principles
Types of Myths
Moral Teachings (Parables, Proverbs)
Christianity, Judaism, Islam have mystical practices
Islam Sufficism
The importance of Religion and Myth is that Myth helps us put the pieces of the puzzle together it gives us direction on how to live our lives
Program of Sema Tawi Yoga Philosophy
The Great Truths of Shetaut Neter

Question How has the Mystical religions of Judaism,(Kabbalah) Egyptian Mysteries, have become associated with practicing evil or the Illuminati?