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Soyini Crenshaw

Lesson 5 Kemetic Origins of
1. Pre-Judaic Arab Regilion
2. Judaism
3. Christianity
4. Islam
The major theme I received from the video is that pre-judaic/arab religions worshipped a Supreme Being and Gods and Goddesses which was an influence from Ancient Egyptian Religion Pre-Arab religion comes from Mesopotamia-Sumerian
Babylonians, Persians,
When we get to the period of 500-600 B.C.E. we start to see where the Egoism of the Western Religions develop.
Judaism is a religion that was said to have started by a man named Abraham according to the Jewish/Christian Bible
Also according to the Judeo-Christian Biblical System Humanity was started by the three sons of Noah Ham-Africa, Cush, Mizraim, Canaan, Shem-Asia, Japeth-Eurasia
Islam-The Koran acknowledges that Abraham was the progenitor of the Arabs.
*Judaism must not be mistaken for Hebrew culture
*Islam must not be mistaken for Arab culture
Judaism was originally monotheistic/polytheistic
Abraham goes into Egypt
Jews are originally Egypt
Joseph goes into Egypt
Moses goes into Egypt-Studies all its wisdom
Jesus goes into Egypt
Three fold daily worship
Book of Proverbs
Originally Monotheistic/Polytheistic
Persecution at Birth
Good Shepherd
Procession in Mass
Tree of Life
Muslims are originally Egyptians
Muhammed goes into Egypt
When you have religion it is something that ties you to Spirit, to land, as a people you need to have a religion that works for you-Otherwise you’re going to be serving the needs, desires, designs of other people.-Dr. John Henrik Clarke & others