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TOA Lesson 12 Summary

Lesson 12 expounds further on the concept of the myth and ritual of Aset and Ra but even more so on the mysticism/metaphysics.

Metaphysics includes ontology(nature of being), cosmology( nature of the universe), epistemology(limits and validity of knowledge itself) and is the fundamental nature of reality.

It is an important point to grasp that Aset is a human personality at the beginning of the scripture. If one human being can discover the transcendental nature then that proves it is possible and any teachings of agnosticism becomes void. However, this transcendental nature is not known by the gods and goddesses that Sebai mentions are levels of consciousness above the human let alone a human. Therefore, a human personality would have to transform themselves to a level of consciousness beyond the capacity of the neteru to achieve such a feat. Lady Aset demonstrated the process needed to do so. The level of consciousness that Aset sets aim toward is her own highest level that exists, Ra. The scripture has two characters, Aset and Ra. The human level of consciousness and the creator level of consciousness, the creator aspect of her essential nature. If she stops creating what is on the other side will be revealed.

The personality seems to indicate one’s level of consciousness. The process Aset reveals is the transforming of her personality by first gaining insight into creation through the sciences of the world. It would seem there was a metaphysical process taking place while she learned about the lower mysteries (ontology?). She saw that all of creation had the same underlying illusory basis and led to the same end. Accepting that it is all an illusion is not enough to reveal the true nature, it is a start. Creation will continue and draw one “back in.” Creation seems like an entity, it has a story of its own, with a life cycle that goes from birth to death/rebirth. It is sustained by a fire that when blazing is too intense to easily penetrate. At that point its purpose is to sustain itself. When the fire has died down and its intensity has weakened, that is the best time to collect the emanations dropping to the earth before it is recycled again.

The most impactful aspect of this lesson comes from the idea that the real practice is the detachment and dispassion toward one’s own egoism and ignorance of human existence. Detachment from the ego identity as the only illusion that there is, and all else will follow. Those are powerful insights. They bring about a feeling of freedom and calmness when deciding what and how to interact with creation. Not needing to maintain an illusory self more than what is necessary is a gift.

Aset then continues to seek after her true identity doing her late evening personal private practice collecting life force energy and integrating it into her personality until it overwhelms the personality taking it beyond a human level to the transcendental level.