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Aspirant Howard

Howard Brown, Egyptian Mysteries, Level 1, Lesson 14, Interaction Discussion Forum 2

In response to Phoenix Hetep’s Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 14, Video assignment: Introduction to Meditation, post #19739 and the feedback, containing a second video, from Bastu Baket, post #20029, I submit the following takeaways:

1. Systems of meditation include visualizations, postures, chants, and mythical teachings. With respect to directing the mind, chants are melodic and help to set the vibrational tone and mood.

2. The balance scale in the wisdom of Maat has three outcomes. First, one’s heart could be heavier than the feather of Maat. Second, one’s heart could be lighter than the feather. Finally, the heart could weigh exactly the same as the feather of Maat. Having the heart’s weight exactly the same as the feather is very difficult. It is more likely that one’s heart will be above or below a horizontal line with the feather (in small degrees). Thankfully, it is not an either/or situation. The higher teachings should be integrated to neutralize or make the negative aspects of personality ineffectual. One has to be good enough and trend towards greater and greater purity.

3. I like hearing about the psychological implications and applications of practicing the shedy disciplines. From this assignment, I have gained new insight into how to achieve balance. Devotion fixes the ariu. One should continue with studying and be relentless in their efforts. Subsequently, one will be free. I feel more at ease about disclosing past religious experiences. I want to be one with the Divine.

4. One has to be cautious about associations. Some may be less evolved spiritually. Their behavior may be based on animal instincts. Hence, they could be more likely to attack you.