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Aspirant Howard

Intro to SN short part 26.mp4 The Glorious Legacy of Ancient Kemit in a Nutshell

This Video began with a statement from Sabai Maa that the chant is the beginning of meditation. Discussion of the basic daily observances of Shemsu put forth two forms of Worship: public worship is done by the priests and priestesses in the outer section of the temple, and private worship, which is done at home at a private alter.

The Glorious Light Meditation System is the first known meditation system. The basic instructions for the Glorious Light Meditation System were given in the tomb of Seti I. During the meditation, one visualizes a circle with a dot and the center of it which one sits in and chants. The circle with the dot at the center symbolizes Ra.

Maat is righteous for the sake of cosmic balance between the individual and the universe. The gods and goddesses present at the judgment are Asar, Anpu, Djehuti, and Meskhenet. Asar is the king of the underworld (Duat) and Anpu is the son of Asar. Djehuti represents the mind. Meskhenet is the one who determines where a person will be reincarnated. After death, if one’s heart is found to be heavier than the feather of Maat, they are considered unrighteous. They will suffer and be reincarnated. If the weight of the heart is equal to the weight of the feather of Maat the person will serve Asar in his house which is the Duat. Finally, if the heart is lighter than the feather of Maat, one transcends physicality and will go to Asar’s throne.

The discipline of Sema Tawi postures is a physical and mythological workout wherein one thinks like, acts like, and feels like the divinities. The system of postures should be considered a journey, broken into five phases ranging from creation to establishment in the Higher Self.

One of the most important things to learn from a spiritual preceptor is how to reason correctly. In order to understand how the philosophy works and how to apply it, one must learn from the preceptor how to reason, feel, and act like the divinities. The preceptor is like a troubleshooter. The aspirant is not to bring egoism into the preceptorship. Debaters should stay outside the temple. There has to be an integral practice in your spiritual life so that each aspect of your personality is harmonized and developed.

There was a question concerning the nature of the yoga of wisdom. The response put forth was that knowledge plus experience equals wisdom. Information does not equate to wisdom and intellectual brightness does not equate to enlightenment. Wisdom yoga allows one to purify intellect so they may have intuitional knowledge. This can be accomplished by listening, reflecting and, meditating to strengthen the will and become one with the divinity.

Impression: I used to consider it sacrilegious to refer to God as “It” before reading what Dr. Asbhy’s book on Ancient Egyptian Proverbs had to say about the double nature of human beings. I feel free in that regard now.