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Aspirant Howard

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 13, Video Presentation
Intro to SN short part 1b mp4

The video presentation emphasized at least three salient points: happiness, purpose, and practicing the Shedy Disciplines.

The end of all the Neterian disciplines is to unravel the mysteries of life and fathom the depths of eternity and infinity. It is not possible to obtain the joy and bliss associated with happiness without an authentic spiritual basis.
A primary goal is to become like the gods and goddesses. This can be done by learning their ways, then emulating them. I am impelled and compelled to study the teachings deeply to gain insight into their meanings. To that end, I read, meditate, study, and reflect on the Wisdom, Mythic, and Mystic scriptures. I am attempting to practice and adhere to Maatian philosophy. I try to apply what I receive to my thought processes and behaviors. I often feel (or hope) that I am practicing selfless service. Maybe I should say that I know intellectually that the Divinity is in others and I want to be a conduit. I am seeking fulfillment and attempting to purified my personality by practicing Integral Shedy.

I have constructed a portable altar and feel that I am making progress at consistently worshiping 3x per day. I plan to stay the course. I look forward to a burgeoning practice. I am hoping for gradual and steady growth over the course of the curriculum.