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Soyini Crenshaw

How Kemetic Culture interacted with other African cultures
Specific focus on Dogon culture of Mali and Yoruba Culture of Nigeria
The Dogon People and Yoruba People have a myth or story that says they come from the East/Kemet they say they are the descendants of the Ancient Kamitans
Diop writes that there is a close connection between Kemet and other African civilizations
Because there was a lot of upheaval in Ancient Kemet- Conflict from the Assyrians, Persians, Hyksos, Greeks, Romans Christians, Islam the Kemetians migrated to other parts of Africa and northern countries outside of Africa Asia Minor, India, Southeast Asia
What makes the Dogon Religion and Yoruba Religion close to the Kemetic Religion/Culture its pattern of contact There are more than three similarities
Yoruba Religion has the Orishas Kemet has the Neteru
Dogon Religion has One Supreme Divinity 8 Gods and Godessess Serpent Divinity, Jackal Divinity Sirius
I have a question about the Ancient Hebrews where in history did they emerge and what parts of Kemetic culture/religion did Judaism develop?