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Aspirant Howard

Howard Brown
Egyptian Mysteries Level 1, Lesson 13, Audio Presentation

Topic discussion during the audio presentation included child-rearing in a degradated society, community building, creation, how to practice integral shedy, and the Philosophy of Shemsu.
One thing that impressed me was how the question-and-answer forum, used by the radio host, facilitated an intelligent and enlightened understanding of Neterianism. The forum put forth the following:
1. Neteriansim is an elevated spiritual practice because of the philosophy that It contains. It is necessary to have a righteous preceptorship that includes a righteous spiritual student and a righteous teacher (Sabai).
2. Each god or goddess is a cosmic force or principle that gives insight into an aspect of the All-encompassing Divinity. Gods and goddesses should be studied and emulated to assist the mind in gaining understanding. One should internally discover and consolidate their (gods and goddesses) powers within oneself.
3. Effective Integral shedy practice involves applying the correct discipline and scripture to the problematic area of the personality that needs attention. I am most impressed as to how knowledge and understanding of the states of mind and aspects of personality can be applied in an integral shedy to produce and manage growth toward Nehas-Nehast