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Ausar Ra Hetheru


I will be sharing some of the insights I picked up in the lecture for lesson 7. The meaning of Sema is yoga and Tawi means Egypt. The individuals in the painting were colored in red because they were so dark and mostly like were Kemetian. There are no red people which in some of the paintings when Greece took control of Egypt they were depicted in red. The King Mentuhotep was in control of Nubia and Egypt. Sema Tawi philosophy was practiced in the Northeast part of Egypt in Ancient times. Sema (African practice) and Yoga (Indian) are synonymous. The Sema allows for one to have their religion to be perfected in the African sense which is called Shetaut Neter. Yoga is the practice of putting things together and to demand the lower and higher self and occurred after 1000BC. The Sema HeruSet is uniting the lower and the higher self. The parts of this practice are as follows:
Yoga of Wisdom
Yoga of Devotional Love
Yoga of Meditation, Physical Postures Yoga
Yoga of Selfless Actions
Tantric Yoga
Serpent Power Yoga
Neterian Great Truths
Serpent power is a power within oneself that is dormant until spiritual development occurs. The first great truth is that the Supreme Being is one and alone, manifesting everywhere and in all things in the form of Gods and Goddesses (Pa Neter ua ua Neberdjer , Neteru). The second truth is lack of righteousness brings fetters to the personality ans these fetters cause ignorance of the Divine. Set is Egoism. Shedy is a practice of knowing oneself. Each great truth has a correspondence discipline.


Ausar Ra Hetheru and Auset Ra Hetheru