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Soyini Crenshaw

Lesson 1 Introduction to Egyptian Yoga Philosophy Book Series
Books for getting started into the Shetaut Neter Spiritual System
Egyptian Yoga Volume 1 Egyptian Mysteries Volume 1 African Origins of Civilization Initiation into Egyptian Yoga
What I received from the second lecture Ancient Egyptian Civilization
1. Ancient Egyptians originated at the base of the Mountain of the Moon they were autochones
2. The importance of knowing Ancient Egyptian History/Philosophy/Religion is to understand the influence it has on other African religions, Eastern Philosophy and the Major “Western” Religions.
Hor-A-Makhet is the oldest ancient monument in the world it dates back as far as 10,000 B.C.
3. Humanity originated in Ancient Kemet so all human beings are African
Since the ancient Greeks and Romans studied under Ancient Egyptian Priests and Priestesses and learned ancient Kemetic Science and Philosophy how did the culture become develop as the exact opposite of Ancient Kemet?
Soyini Crenshaw