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Level 1 – Lesson 13wt- Into SN Short part 1b Video Assignment

Important Themes:
– How ancient Egypt really is by providing facts and a historical event that took
place which was water damage done to the Sphinx that happened at least around
10.000 BC.
– How most if not all other religions were inspired by the Spiritual system of
Kemet which is known as Shetaut Neter.
– How one could tell by the headdress which people were form which Country and
also pointing out that they (we) are all the same ONE people that just migrated
to different places.
– Who the founder of Neterianism is which would be Lord Kehpri. And the
explanation of the meaning of the sailing of the boat of Ra which symbolizes
the movement of matter in time & space.
– The explanation of the term “ SHETAUT NETER” which means “SHETAUT”=HIDDEN and
“NETER”=DIVINITY which is in all things. It is the hidden essence of all
– How out of the one Supreme Being many principles (Forces) emanated which would
be the mighty Goddesses and Gods.
– The explanation of the meaning and also the difference between the
Anthropomorphic, Zoomorphic and Composite Iconography of the Ancient Egyptians
used in depicting the divinities. It allows us to understand some of the
properties of the Power or the cosmic Forces of that Divinity.
– The Purpose of Life and also the things one must do and learn in order to find
out and understand that true Purpose of Life.
– The three Stages of Religion.
• Myth (story, Legend)
• Ritual (practical rituals participation and summoning, ceremony)
• Mysticism ( meditation, experiences)
And how without the proper Mysticism religion or spirituality will not have the
proper effect on the aspirant or the followe of that religion.
– The Goal of Neterian Culture is “NEHAS”, Golden Awakening. Spiritually

What was most impressive about the Presentation?

What impressed me most was how Dr. Muata broke down the meaning of the Gods & Goddesses how they are in reality the cosmic Forces, the Principles of Creation. Because at first hearing about these mighty Goddesses & Gods and their names and just trying to depict it all in one’s head as them being somewhat as physical-like beings, like how in Christianity they display their God as a man-like figure so I to thought of the Gods of Ancient Egypt as man-like beings. I was completely confused but same baffled by the Spirituality of Kemet. So, I thank Dr. Muata Ashby for how soothing you cleared up my confusion with this explanation of the true meaning of the Gods & Goddesses and for shining Light upon the Poetic and Philosophical viewpoint of the metaphors they used so us the generations and generation that would come could have a proper understanding of it all!