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Aspirant Howard

Howard Brown Lesson 12 Video Presentation: Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 K101WT

The search for happiness involves spiritualizing every aspect of the personality and transcending the mind. Knowledge of self is one’s first duty. If I become enlightened, the world becomes a better place.
Examples of the interactions between the four aspects of personality and the states of mind (egoism) were given with demonstrations of applications of Integral Shedy. The story of the interloper and several meditations were used as illustrations.
The Sky Goddess, Nut, is used as a metaphor to gain insight into the Higher Self. The expansive blue sky symbolizes the Higher Self. When one worships a particular divinity, the traits of the divinity should become evident in that person’s personality. Each divinity represents an aspect of the Higher Self.
My true nature has been conditioned by clouds of egoism and I have fallen from grace. However, the purpose of adversity is to lead one to reflection. There are three ways one can relate to adversity: spiritually, egotistically, or go numb. Ideally, one’s response to adversity (and prosperity) should reflect self-compassion and gentleness. One should accept the highs and lows of life and discover what is beneath them – feel but not be led by feelings.

The universe wants us to pass certain tests. One should reflect and figure out the answers. If the lesson is learned, one should be able to demonstrate some degree of spiritual maturity. In adversity and prosperity, one should reflect, appreciate that things are going well (or not), and intensify Shedy and Knumt Nefer.
The various types of egoism (clouds or states of mind) are dull, dull tending toward agitated, agitated, and agitated tending toward lucid. Lucidity can be considered a state of no ego, purified ego, or no mind. The transcendental egoless state is beyond the mind and is associated with qualities such as patience, love, compassion, forgiveness, self-worth, self-esteem, and deep sleep.
In a dull or agitated state of mind, one feels apart or distant from the Higher Self. They are said to be Nuking incorrectly. In these states thoughts are difficult to control. The state of agitation tending to lucid is where one can begin to control thoughts. One should practice the Shedy Disciplines to improve their state of mind and control thoughts.

Practicing Integral Shedy leads to a balanced mental state and has been reported to release positive neurotransmitters in the body. Freeing up energy locked up by dullness requires caution. One feels powerful and could become arrogant. Even in a lucid state of mind, where there is calmness, steadiness, and stability, one should be aware of complacency. Maat ari should be intensified in either case. The various mental states, where only pockets of the true Self are realized, are separate from the SKY.

Question: If greed has no cure, how should one address it with respect to ari? Is it possible to be purified in this situation?