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Aspirant Howard

Howard Brown Lesson 11 Video Presentation Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 K101WT

In Annunian theology, Khepri brought Creation into being. Subsequently, Creation brought forth the company of Gods and Goddesses (nine in all). When the progenitor Ra is added we get a total of ten. This idea represents emergence from the primeval ocean and the eventual submergence back into the ocean at the end of time. The characters of the Pautti are aspects of human consciousness, including principles and personalities that are to be mastered. If one masters the principles of Heru and Ra simultaneously, one has mastered what is both above and below.
Sema Tawi is a way to effectively practice Shetaut Neter. Shedy disciplines are applied to the aspects of the personality to enhance and purify it. Practicing certain Shedy disciplines can enhance spiritual sensitivity and awareness of rising thoughts to discern if the desire is righteous and true (or not). One should have an altar in their home, make the necessary offerings, and worship three times daily (morning, noon, and evening).
Yoga postures promote the integration of mind-body-spirit. It affords one a physical workout and a mythological connection. One should promote the best environment via forceful yoga practices such as Kundalini and Serpent Power. Required components of a full meditation practice are posture, chant/utterance, focus, and visualization. Movements of gods and goddesses are divided into phases: the earth phase, transitional phase, Higher Self, and Enlighten. One can meditate on the source of each posture as the Neteru is a source for the Supreme.
I was very much interested in the question asked by Dr. Ashby about what would happen if one were able to consciously replicate and hold the dreamless sleep state. I was also very much interested in his response to a student’s question concerning the metaphysical success of entering the astral and causal planes. My take away from these exchanges was that preparation for such involves cleansing your ari, letting go, and letting God to see your Higher Self. The Duat/Astral plane is the mental plane related to the dream state of existence/consciousness. Ariu (the content of the unconscious mind) produces the tendencies of one’s personality. That content includes thoughts, feelings, and desires that create positive or negative mental impressions in your unconscious mind. One should not allow ari to accumulate in the mind that drags one down. Being on auto pilot is associated with ignorance.