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Aspirant Howard

Howard Brown Lesson 10 Video Presentations Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 K101WT

The term Neteriansim was initially coined by Seba Maa. The concept of Neterians includes the term Shemsu Neter. As a Neterian, one strives to come into harmony with the gods and goddesses by developing within their personality the different virtuous and divine qualities they symbolize. The myth of Asar Aset Heru is so important that each Deity has its own temple. Africans should worship African Gods and Goddesses without apology.

Shetaut Neter has both a universal and cultural component and gives us a devine lineage. Kamit and the Temple can be anywhere we create a sacred space to have a spiritual experience. The legacy of the ancestors must not be merely studied and revered. It must be lived. One of the keys to success in spiritual practice includes good associations. Books alone cannot enlighten. One must study, practice and be taught by a Sebaa. One must also have a strong desire to discover their true nature and have a deep-rooted conviction that it is possible for you to understand and apply the principles and disciplines of yoga to your life regardless of your current situation.

Setjert was a concoction of blood, beer and mandrake that Djehuti used to restore Hetheru from a degraded state. The blood and beer represented intoxication with worldly desire (egoism) and worldly pleasure (ignorance) respectively. The mandrake represented intoxication with the souls of Ra and resulted in Nehast. All four elements of the personality are enlightened when infused with Ra: emotional enlightenment through the practice of devotion; reason and intellect are enlightened through the practice of wisdom; actions are enlightened through the practice of selfless service; and will power is developed through the practice of meditation.

One must be vigilant so as not to be drawn back into lower states of consciousness. There will be ups and downs, but the downs should be of short duration and less in frequency. The aspirant should learn from them and continue striving. The association with Sages and Saints is seen as a primary way to accelerate the spiritual development of the aspirant. The Sema Institute/Temple of Shetaut Neter-Aset has two divisions that can facilitate the task at hand.

This lesson is important because it has allowed me to sense a bit of progress in terms of distinguishing the real from the unreal.