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Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 – Lesson 1 Reading Assignment: Introduction into Egyptian Yoga & Neterian Spirituality Workbook ( Pages 10-20)

Q1.What is the relationship between the Egyptians & the Ethiopians?

A1.The Egyptians were originally a colony of Ethiopians. So they are basically and the same people.

Q2. Who were the ancient Egyptians?
A2. A colony of Ethiopians from the south who came to the north east part of Africa.

Q3. What is Yoga Philosophy?
A3. An Egyptian Religion that teaches the aspirant on how to have the Union of the individual Soul with the Universal Soul.

Q4. What is the Initiatic Way of Education?
A4. The Initiatic was of Education is the listening to, study of and meditation up the teachings, preferably in a suitable environment & proper guidance.

Q5. What is initiation?
A5. Initiation is more of an embark on a Journey of Spiritual living which will lead to Spiritual enlightenment.

Q6. How does the Kemetic Yoga Counsellor help the seeker?
A6. The Kemetic Yoga Counsellor helps the Individual to turn the anguish, disappointment and pain that resides in this real of time and space into a dispassion of the world and its entanglements.

Q7. How should a beginning aspirant think about the different levels of aspirants?
A7. The aspirant should think of the different levels as a process that takes time, devotion, will and patients to achieve or to elevated to that higher level.