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Level 1- Lesson 13wt – Audio Assignment: An Evening with Sebai Maa & Seba Dja Why is Shetaut Neter important Show.

Main Teachings in the Lecture
– Teaching on how to make the transfer from mortal consciousness to spiritual
– How to deal with everyday Life’s Up’s & Down’s and how to find that ever
abiding Peace which is EVER unaffected.
– The different disciplines one must practice in order to have an integral
feeling of Shetaut Neter: Selfless services, Chanting, Prayer & devotion,
meditation & reflecting.
– The Purification of the Personality and the reason why one must purify the
personality. So that one may be able to understand and practice the higher
Teachings effectively.
– That the spiritual movement goes forward & backwards. Because it is also
important to be able to go back and align oneself in one aspect in order to
overcome the next.
– The unconditional devotion one shows the divine, recognizing the divine in ALL
so to overcome anger with those who have not yet purified the personality.
– How to remain ever UNAFFECTED even when clouds come in and distort your mind.
Because the soul is EVER UNAFFECTED and one is THE SOUL.

Are you currently implementing the teaching giving in the book and the lecture? If so, which one(s)?

I am currently implementing the teaching or the practice of the Maat philosophy in my life by Purifying the Personality (set) by performing virtuous and selfless services to those who I can help for example at work. If I see that a colleague as a good of amount of work that he/she has I will ask if that person could need some help and sometimes with out asking am helping however I can, with wanting nor expecting anything in return.

I am currently implementing the practice of showing devotion to the divine through setting up and altar, chanting and praying. Also I am currently implementing the practice of meditation in to my daily routine. After Prayer I play some soothing meditation music I perform some of the poses of the Goddesses & Gods and then for about 15-20 I sit either in Silence or with the music and be alone with my thoughts gaining them under control with the aid of some breathwork and proper visualization.